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Physicals services offered in Wayne, NJ

Visiting your primary care provider for regular physicals, often once a year, helps you develop more intricate knowledge of your health and wellness. At Dr. Badawy Complete Care in Wayne, New Jersey, board-certified family medicine physician Randa Hussein-Badawy, DO, provides physicals for individuals of all ages and their family members. Reserve an appointment over the phone or online for a detailed physical exam today. 

Physicals Q & A

What are physicals?

Physicals are wellness exams that you get regardless of whether or not you have any current health concerns or questions. These appointments provide an excellent opportunity for you to check in on how your health is doing and receive answers to any burning questions you have about health and wellness. 

Your provider at Dr. Badawy Complete Care examines you and looks for any signs of a possible ailment. Sometimes, physical exams serve a preventive purpose by identifying health risks that leave you vulnerable to future diseases. 

Toward the end of your appointment, your provider offers personalized health advice. They also help you stay on top of any other preventive services you might need, including vaccinations and boosters, age-appropriate screening tests based on health risks, and well-woman examinations. 

When do I need a physical?

Many physicians recommend that their patients get one physical exam every year, which is called an annual exam. This may or may not be the right track for you. You can speak with your provider at Dr. Badawy Complete Care about how frequently you should get physical exams depending on your age and health risk factors. 

You can also get a physical for:

  • Sports
  • School 
  • Employment 
  • A commercial driver’s license
  • Travel

The frequency of your physicals may change over the course of life. As you get older, your risk for various diseases may increase, and you should visit Dr. Badawy Complete Care more often according to your physician’s advice. 

What happens during a physical?

Wellness exams include various measurements as well as some simple functional tests for certain body parts and organs. Generally, physicals include:

  • Height and weight measurements
  • Vital sign check (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate)
  • Visual skin exam
  • Ear, nose, and throat exam
  • Neurological exam
  • Palpating abdominal organs

If your provider has any concerns about health details you’ve reported or findings during your physical, they may recommend further testing such as blood tests, swab tests, or urinalysis to gather more information on your current state of health. 

If it’s time to schedule a physical or wellness exam for yourself or a loved one, call Dr. Badawy Complete Care or book online today.